Causal Learning for Decision Making (CLDM)

International Conference on Learning Representations (ICLR)

April 26, 2020

@CausalIclr · #CLDM2020

Throughout the day we will be livestreaming invited talks, contributed talks, spotlight presentations, and a live panel discussion. Please see How To Participate for details on ways to participate!

All times listed are in PST. Please click here for a timezone converter from PST.

Time (PST) Speaker Title Rocket.Chat
3:00 - 3:15am Anirudh Goyal, Jane Wang Opening Remarks Causal Learning Workshop
3:15 - 4:30am Virtual Poster Session
4:30am - 5:00am Bernhard Schölkopf Causality for Machine Learning #cldm_channel_2
5:00am - 5:10am Q/A with Bernhard Schölkopf LIVE #cldm_channel_2
5:10am - 5:40am Lars Buesing Reinforcement Learning in Hindsight #cldm_channel_3
5:40am - 5:50am Q/A with Lars Buesing LIVE #cldm_channel_3
5:50am - 6:05 am First Contributed Talk Off-policy Policy Evaluation Under Unobserved Confounding #cldm_channel_7
6:05am - 6:15 am Q/A or Microbreak
6:15 - 7:30am Second Virtual Poster Session
7:30am - 8:00am Yoshua Bengio On Causality, Agency, Out-of-Distribution Generalization and Conscious Processing #cldm_channel_1
8:00am - 8:10am Q/A with Yoshua Bengio LIVE #cldm_channel_1
8:10am - 8:40am Sara Magliacane Domain adaptation by inferring separating sets of features #cldm_channel_26
8:40am - 8:50am Q/A with Sara Magliacane LIVE #cldm_channel_26
8:50am - 9:00 am Second Contributed Talk Optimization approaches for counterfactual risk minimization with continuous actions #cldm_channel_6
9:00am - 9:15 am Q/A or Microbreak
9:15am - 9:45am Tobias Gerstenberg Understanding "why" The role of causality in cognition #cldm_channel_5
9:45am - 10:00am Q/A with Tobias Gerstenberg LIVE #cldm_channel_5
10:00am - 10:30am Alison Gopnik Causal Learning in Children: When children are better learners than adults - or AI #cldm_channel_4
10:30am - 10:40am Q/A with Alison Gopnik LIVE #cldm_channel_4
10:40 - 11:30am Third Virtual Poster Session
11:30am - 12:30pm Invited Speakers and Panelists [LIVE] Panel Discussion - Submit Questions Here Causal Learning Workshop